Stealth Project

Unfortunately I can't disclose on what I'm working on now. You know: stealth startups, stealth projects. But you will surely know about us if we are successful!


Very cool project, which helps the Chilean wine industry to get the best of their resources. Written in Java, Flex, Ruby (and some bits of Python), it is also a very interesting project if you don't mind to work with different languages and tools.

As the system has geo-spatial capabilities, it also served me as an introduction to the GIS world.


Remember the "Eci" that we remade from scratch?. Well, a branch of the old system still survived, and it needed a great deal of bug-fixing. And performance improvements, for sure.

Concha Y Toro

A web portal for providers of Concha y Toro, containing a bunch of information about offers and contracts. Served as a nice introduction to Ruby meta-programming techniques for me, too.


A fairly simple system to generate a bunch of HTML pages for the BCI's "Descuentos y Sabores" discount program. Django-powered, by the way.


A few lines of Python for a secret project that even I don't know. 


Workflow tool for my (ex-)team at Imagemaker (called PPSI), written in Python/Django. 

Unfinished, but very functional. I'm proud to see it is still  in use after my departure from the team on September, 2007.

Eci (remake)

Remake of the poll system used by BCI to measure internal service quality levels. The old version was written in Java, the new is in Ruby :). 


A Django web application to find new people to work on Imagemaker, screen-scraping

Eci (maintenance)

The poll system that we later rewrote. Aside from some minor changes here and there, I had to rework the data importing module.

WebMarine (remake)

Remake of a project made for Copec, that was supposed to monitor the fuel-charging process for ships using webcams. The old version was Java/J2EE/EJB/yada-yada, the new is just Python/Django :).

ERA (maintenance) 

Some desperate attempts to fix the reports of another poll-centric application.


A workflow for following new ideas from its conception to its approval as a formal project.


A simple but friendly site that allowed BCI employees to send a corporative greeting card. It was revived on subsequent years.

The new (2006) public web site of LarrainVial. Not that challenging, but interesting anyway.


I never understood this application too much, but it's a small risk management web application for BCI executives, I think. Included some interaction with the Bolsa de Santiago.


Informative portal for concesionaries of Copec, focused on the results of the Image and Service corporative program. The fun part was the funcy AJAX UI, somewhat revolutionary on its time (IIRC, the AJAX name wasn't coined yet at that point)


Also got an good amount of AJAX, but this project was also huge. It's the center of the competence management police of Mutual de Seguridad.


A web view of the client's investment portfolio, for BCI executives. It also had to interact with the Bolsa de Santiago. 


It started as a personal tool to record the time I spent on every project, in a local database. Somehow ended as a fancy web interface used by everyone in the engineering team for the same purpose.


A small post-commit hook for CVS, that updated a bugzilla bug when some predefined keywords were used in the commit log.


Tool for generating interesting dot graphs from JavaScript source code (including special treatment of some MochiKit's special functions). Days later it also made graphs from Java projects using Jerry, an internal framework inspired on struts.


A surprising workshop made on BCI, to make proof of concepts of a Flex UI for the Epiphany CRM.  One of the first RIA projects on the Chilean enterprise environments.


Update to the BCI web platform, to automatize process of requesting an additional credit card.


Yet another web poll system. It's mission was to make some quick question to BCI customers when they logged out. But quick is not just about question types. It's also about the system response against heavy load.


A (big!) project about ensuring quality of construction using technology support.


A nice project that intended to make the web page of Sky Airlines, including the ticket selling part. On the fun part we even had to reverse engineer the network protocol to talk with the ticket reservation system and reimplement it, because the existing tools weren't very reliable.


A limited CMS for Cypco (used from 2006 in their website), plus some support for document sharing between users.